Zona 4-in-1 razor saw set Multi blade steel back craft saw

Product code: PKC035-140
Zona Multi blade razor craft saw Made in USA
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Zona 4 - in -1 Razor saw set. Set includes 2 razor saw blades, 1 keyhole saber blade (push) and 1 large saber blade. Supplied with a high polished wooden handle. Blades are stored on handle and should be removed with just required blade for job remaining for safety purposes. The blades are extremely sharp with steel backs and sharp blades for making straight, accurate cuts with smooth edges in wood, plastic and metal. High Quality Craft Saw made in USA

Blades supplied include: Ultra thin Kerf (razor blade) TPI     THICKNESS     LENGTH     DEPTH
                                                                             52         .008"              4-1/2"          7/16"  (36-050)
                                                                                          .203mm         11.4cm       1.1cm

                                     Keyhole Saber (push)        24         .022"              2-1/4"          n/a     (36-408)
                                                                                          .558mm         5.7cm         n/a

                                    Large Saber                       24         .022"              4-1/2"          n/a       (36-458)
                                                                                         .558mm          11.4cm        n/a

                                  Fine Kerf (Razor blade)        32          .010"               5-1/2"         1-3/16" (36-555)
                                                                                         .254mm          13.9cm        3cm


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Brand Zona
Code PKC035-140
Condition New
EAN 79202435140
Type Craft knives