Micro single drill bits titanium coated metric drills 0.3mm-2mm


Single titanium coated micro drill bits ideal for jewellery making

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Expo Drills micro HSS titanium coated twist drill bits very popular with watchmakers and jewellery work, also used by gas engineers for clearing small jets and nozzles in boilers and for cleaning engine alternators. Popular for cleaning/clearing nozzles on air brushes to prevent clogging giving an uneven finish in use.
Titanium coated for extra long use Metric sizes: 0.3mm - 2mm Sold as single drill bits allows you to build a set best suited to your own needs
Sizes available:  0.3mm, 0.35mm (80) 0.4mm (78) 0.45mm (77) 0.5mm (76) 0.55mm (75) 0.6mm (73) 0.65mm (71) 0.7mm (70) 0.75mm (69) 0.8mm (68) 0.85 (66) 0.9mm (65) 0.95mm, 1mm (61) 1.05mm, 1.1mm (57) 1.2mm (56) 1.3mm (55) 1.4mm (54) 1.5mm (53) 1.6mm (52) 1.7mm (51) 1.8mm (50) 1.9mm (48) 2mm (47)
We also stock extra long series drills from 0.5mm-8mm Ideal for hard to reach areas



Brand Expo Drills
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  • James Rider


    Micro single drill bit titanium coated 0.3mm

    This drill has not yet been used. It appears to be of very good quality, but I am unable to provide any information regarding the types of material that this drill can be used to drill holes in, nor can I provide any information regarding the number of times that this drill can be used without becoming blunt. However, what I can confirm is that it was received very quickly after placing the order. I would also point-out that this company provide individual drills of a specific size, without the need to purchase a complete set, which is extremely useful when a single drill of a specific size is required.