4pc & 3pc Pin vice set chuck drill bits 0 - 4.8mm chucks


4pc & 3pc pin vice sets

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4pc pin vice set. Hollow body for holding long wires ect. and are ideal for holding Drill bits, broaches and taps used in craft and hobby work.
There are four or three mini vices with knurled handles to prevent slipping whilst in use. The smaller vices can be held in a standard drill chuck allowing for small drill bits to be used. In this case a steady hand or better a drill bench vice should be used to prevent smaller drills or broaches from bending.

4pc set includes chuck sizes: 0 - 0.8mm, 0.8mm - 1.3mm, 1.3mm - 3.1mm, 3.1mm - 4.8mm

3pc set includes chuck sizes: 0.8mm -1.3mm, 1.3mm - 3.1mm, 3.1mm - 4.8mm

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Brand Expo Drills
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